We are makers of an absolutely delicious fermented oat drink. No added sugars, preservatives and other nonsense. Only 2 ingredients – local oats and water. That’s all. We believe that good food should be both- simple and absolutely delicious.

AVOO – an original Lithuanian oat drink company. 

What started in 2015 with two friends, a big idea and a shared passion for food innovation have quickly grown into a company on a mission to accelerate society’s shift towards plant-based drinks. Bad taste is one of the main issues keeping most plant-based drinks from getting global traction. Therefore, we have challenged and proved ourselves by creating a drink which is tasty, joyful and guilt free.


- Local ingredients

- No added sugar

- Vegan

- Soy free

- Lactose-free

- Full of prebiotics

- Natural

- Dairy free

- Bioactive

- Nature-friendly

- Milk substitute

- Delicious

Have AVOO instead of breakfast. Oats are very nutritious and it gives a boost of clean energy for an extra hour. You can make pancakes, ice-cream, pastry, as well as confectionary without any added sugar or milk. Pour it into your coffee or corn flakes and enjoy a guilt-free experience!




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